The M.E. Compound Steam Engine

A model of a twin cylinder compound vertical condensing marine engine built by Thomas Klughammer. The engine has an air pump, a circulating pump and two feed pumps, driven by pump levers. It has a piston valve at the H.P. cylinder and a flat slide valve at the L.P. cylinder. The condenser has 83 brass tubes.

The H.P. cylinder bore is 1 _ ins (44.45 mm) and the L.P. cylinder is 3 ins (76.2 mm) by 2 ins stroke. A working pressure of 100 psi (6.9 bar) is assumed giving 500 as the maximum revolutions per minute. The output is about 2 horsepower. The circulating pump is double acting and forces water into the condenser tubes.

I bought the castings from Pat Spurlock who lives in Oregon, USA. His homepage address is

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To show you the steam engine in action I shot a short video.